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Blog 12 symbols of the memoirs

Posted on 2006.11.15 at 12:25
Blog 12 symbols of the memoirs
The first memoir was about a girl who was transporting eggs and a rabbit on a train. She was living in a time of war when American soldiers were occupying homes. The first thing that was accentuated in the story was how fragile the eggs were and how ugly the rabbit was. They both placed a burden on her and made her cautious of her every move as not to crush the eggs. This could possibly be a symbol of something in her life that burdens her maybe the war maybe the famine in these times of war. The next memoir was about a girl who was visiting her grandfather at an airport in Reno. The girl seemed overwhelmed with joy to see her grandfather. When arriving at the airport she grabbed her bag or “trunk” filled with everything she could pack. This trunk is a symbol of the girl’s life and all of her baggage. When she tried to pick it up she could lift it manageably but it was heavy so her grandfather tried to help her pick it up. Upon doing so the grandfather states that the bag is heavy, and asks the girl why she would try to carry something that heavy. So maybe the bag represents her past or her life and how much she has on her shoulders.

Blog 11 The difference between memoirs and autobiographies
A memoir is a personal story that uses a blend of fiction and essay. According to the article memoirs are less limited than autobiographies. In an autobiography one is “limited by dates”, and is also more factual which means that research is more pertinent. A memoir requires the reader to distinguish what is real or what is fiction. While an autobiography is focused on one’s life a memoir can move in and out of a story line and one’s life. An autobiography is usually only written once in a person’s life, but a person can write multiple memoirs in their lives. Lastly memoirs force the writer to form “complex opinions”. Memoirs may also be about something that affects a mass of people for example a war or a revolution.

blog 10 free write

Posted on 2006.10.29 at 12:39
Blog 10 My Family Reunions
Since I am going to attend my family reunion in two weeks, I figured why not write about that. I can not describe to you in words how fun, unique, and maybe crazy my family reunion is. Every year around October or November about 90 of my family members from my dad’s side of the family get together cook, eat, and have a good time. The reunion is held at my absolute most favorite place in the world; my aunts house. She lives in Tallahassee on 10 acres of land. Everything is so simple up there it is beautiful, and every time I’m at her house I am consumed by nature. There is not a single street light or tall building around. Around her property are some other distant relatives in my family all together they own about 110 acres of farm land, where chickens and other livestock roam. My aunt has a garden in which she grows her own herbs and vegetables. The food is so wholesome; there are no farmers with DDT (pesticides) to harm anyone. When I’m there my aunt has me help her prepare the food. The final factor that makes my family reunions so interesting is watching my family grow and appreciate my heritage. You really can’t beat food and family.

blog 9 dystopian article

Posted on 2006.10.29 at 12:38
Blog 9 Dystopian characteristics in our society

Around the period of February 2005 in Homosassa, Florida a girl by the name of Jessica Lunsford was brutally murdered by a convicted sex offender. Because of the animosity of this crime, a wave of upset people rippled. This wave was large enough to pass an act called the Jessica Lunsford act. The act prohibits access to schools or students with out proper “screening”. For example even if a parent volunteers they are required to have a background check and give their fingerprints to authorities. Consultants and Trainers of the school district must be charged a 75 dollar fee for an I.D. badge. All of these tedious tasks may seem to be inconvenient; however, it is a fine price to pay to keep today’s youth safe. There could be some controversy over whether this is another scam to put money into the pockets of government or the school board. One thing is for sure, schools will be safer with this act.

The links http://www.browardschools.com/info/lunsford.htm and http://www.cnn.com/2005/LAW/03/20/lunsford.case/

Blog 8: thesis statements

Posted on 2006.10.23 at 21:48
Blog 8: thesis statements

Thesis 1: Aldous Huxley uses the character John the savage as a symbol of conflict with a society of strict control, social classes, no emotion, and drugs.

This thesis might be successful because it is specific and states an argument. It gives me a good base to work off of.

Thesis 2: John the savage, a man who given the chance to, would rather feel whether good or bad than to submit to this society foreign to his own; a society that uses drugs to escape reality and promotes following the norm blindly.

This thesis is a little longer and may sound more like a movie preview, but it gives one a better sense or feel for the tone of the story. There are very descriptive parts in the novel Brave New World that set the tone, for example in the beginning Huxley gives the readers an image of a cold bare room lighted with fluorescent lights. Just by reading his text one can get the feeling of being in a cold room where everything was clean and had flat surfaces. This thesis is more descriptive than the first, by use of tone.

Blog 7: literary elements

Posted on 2006.10.23 at 20:46
Blog 7: literary elements

The novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley poses a compelling statement about human’s nature and society. By way of using inciting force, Huxley takes a main character, John the savage, and puts him in a society totally different from his own. John having grown up outside of this culture finds himself shocked when he transitions from the New Mexico Savage Reservation. This new culture is one of science, experimentation, control, drugs, and no possession. The culture was created to stop violence and war, ironically the society supports segregation of classes. This division of John and the Brave New World allows Huxley to use conflict. This new society stands for everything that John is not, mainly love and emotion; John would rather feel emotion whether that is good or bad, than to not feel at all. When brought to the new culture John falls into love with a woman by the name of Lenina; however john can not make her love him with the possession and emotion he holds for her.

blog 5 distopia proj.

Posted on 2006.10.16 at 18:36
The novel Brave New World was the first piece of literature that came to my head when I heard the word dystopia. Though this novel is written in the past, the story is set in the future. Society was under strict control, and no one was to oppose the leaders. The ironic thing about this plot is that the people, who control, in their own minds, think that what their doing is right. While trying to achieve a perfect world, they come closer to a failing one. The factors in this book that make society fail are that first off complete control is present; the novel reminds me of martial law. Second off, the people in this society are labeled as soon as they are brought into the world. People really have no say in any matter they just do what they are told. This characteristic is widely portrayed in dystopian societies, for example in the book Animal farm there is a working class and a leader (symbolic to the Russian revolution). Another “real world” topic that reminder me of dystopian societies was communism, which is a form of government. Overall Brave New World is a prime example of failed attempts of society, due to an over abundance of control and failure of proper authority, caste system, or government.

blog 6 cliche

Posted on 2006.10.16 at 18:32
This is a tale of how I met my best friend. The story begins in a small town by the name of Saint Pete, and I was only a thirteen when it all happened. I can still remember walking into my physical education portable like it was yesterday; however, this day was like no other. There standing was a mammoth figure who asked every soul in the portable; “who wants to fight?” Apparently this guy meant business and was always considered the bully on school grounds. I was having a bad day, so I said “hey what the heck, why not?” I look into his eyes accept the challenge; I wasn’t about to let him walk into my school picking on kids and it was either him or me. Students circled around while we locked up, and I thought to myself pain is temporary pride is forever. Before a blink of an eye I had pinned him. The result of this was a humbled young buck that had came to his senses. To this day the bully I defeated in the P.E. portables is my best friend. He is training at Paris Island, North Carolina, to become a marine. We lived happily ever after; the end.

All of the italicized portions of the essay are clichés, if live journal shows italicized words. I do not know, but if they do that is why my words are italicized.


Posted on 2006.10.10 at 23:40
I pondered about my major for the longest of times, in the end I came to conclusion that I want to pursue business. I know that business is a very general area to go into, but I definitely like the versatility of business, one can incorporate it into just about every job. I hope to one day be either a stoke broker like my uncle or be an entrepreneur of something I feel passionate about. I still am not sure if it was the right choice; I still have time though. When I was younger I always wanted to be a firefighter, a lawyer, or a doctor. Now I just want to be happy, I want to be able to spend time with my family, but at the same time I want to be successful. In high school I was great with science and math, but never great at economics. I find it ironic that I want to major in business, not science; however I do think that down the line I may go into the field of science and business. Whether I go into the F.B.I. or forensics, I plan to be happy.

blog 3 controversial topic

Posted on 2006.10.10 at 11:13
A very controversial topic in today’s world is gene therapy and genetic testing, having been portrayed in movies like GATTACA. This is a very touchy practice due to the fact that gene testing involves the lives of people. Typically controversies have multiple angles to take into consideration. At one side of the spectrum there are people who object to the practice because they say it is inhumane, expensive, and unethical. Others would say that gene testing is what could essentially save the lives of many, no matter what the cost those people are for taking a risk. I personally stand in a medium of the spectrum, while believing that it is unethical to harm a persons life, I feel that sometimes to do a lot of good one has to little bad. It is quite a risk to play God and mess with nature, but I believe that people do this with good will and want only to solve problems of disease. There is another aspect that I strongly feel, while we as a race of humans are trying to strengthen and save ourselves now, what about the future. It is my personal belief that we were put on this earth with nature, we should not tamper with nature, or equilibrium. Since the invention of vaccinations and medication we have only weakened our society. Where we once had organs like the appendix to digest harder foods like bones, people are slowly starting to see our natural strengths change. Now that we are not a primitive culture of course things will change, but while that changes so do we. In a sense the more we wean drugs away from people the stronger our immunities are. The article was based pro gene therapy, as well as included an interview with a gene therapy advocate.

I found this article at this web addresshttp://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?index=0&did=1112871331&SrchMode=1&sid=1&Fmt=3&VInst=PROD&VType=PQD&RQT=309&VName=PQD&TS=1160502029&clientId=20178

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